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Wood pellets

If you're planning to get a pellet or coal stove installed at your home, we can provide you with hassle-free stove installation services. A pellet stove is a great option for you if you want to use a renewable energy source.


You can also bring down your heating bills with a wood or coal stove installed at your place. At Cressona Agway Country Store, you can find a large stock of energy-efficient pellet and coal stoves for your home.


We also provide packed bags of coal, wood pellets, and corn for your stoves so that you don't have to look for them at other places. You can also give us a call to have the coal and wood pellets delivered to your home.

Get an energy-efficient pellet and coal stove installed

Our services

  • Sale of pellet and coal stoves

  • Stove installation

  • Sale of coal and wood pellets in bags

  • Sale of corn in bags for corn stoves

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Bring down your heating bills by installing an economical pellet or coal stove

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